Know Some Silly Mistakes of Job Seekers

Finding a job that best suits your talent and experiences is not easy but possible to achieve. Job seekers must know the things that they need to avoid during a job interview.  Everyday habits can be carried during job interviews and most job hunters are not aware that they are making some silly mistakes when invited for an interview.


Here are some silly mistakes of job seekers:

  1. Too much perfume. People seeking jobs need to bear this in mind since too much perfume can suffocate people including employers or job interviewers. If the interviewer is being suffocated or gets a migraine, there is a possibility that the interview won’t take that long and you will have a little chance of being hired.
  2. Unzipped fly. If this happens to you, no need to worry since it happens to a lot of people. However, chances are the employer would focus on how to tell you about this than focusing on you as a job hunter.
  3. Open-toe shoes. Job seekers need to avoid this since it’s not professional.
  4. Run in your tights. Make sure to check your tights before going to an interview as you won’t want to feel awkward if your tights run during an interview.
  5. First name basis. In some companies, bosses or employers preferred to be called by their first name but this does not mean that you can call the individual interviewing you by their first name. Also, addressing a person by their last name will show a certain degree of respect.
  6. Uninformed references. When writing down your references in your resume, make sure to inform them.
  7. Chipped nail polish. How can employers expect that you pay attention to your work or job if you are not giving attention to your looks?

These mistakes can be silly but need to be looked into by job seekers when going to any job interviews.