Time Management: Guidelines for Managers

Do you need time management tips which will help you do better at work? It cannot be denied that some managers are working extremely long hours and are showing signs of business burn-out most of the time. They don’t have time for themselves and their loved ones. Quite simply, they are making the mistake of making sure that the urgent must be done first rather than the main or important tasks. They are obviously suffering from priority problems. On the other hand, successful managers find it easy to overcome priority problems.


Are you one of those managers who are suffering from business burnout and priority problems? If so, all you need to do is model what successful managers do. You will find out that they are very efficient and skilled with time management.

Five Secrets of Very Effective and Successful Managers:

  1. Highly effective managers invest money and time in themselves and their team. Through coaching and education, they develop not only themselves but their people or team as well.
  2. Highly effective managers are good role models. What they preach, they practice. Managers who do what they say can easily be followed by their subordinates.
  3. Highly effective managers are healthy and fit. They know that having a healthy mind, body and spirit improves their general well-being and productivity.
  4. Highly effective managers are well organized. They know and practice effective time management skills thus they have systems in place and can manage their time which allows them and their people to work on significant tasks and issues.
  5. Highly effective managers have a life. To make sure that their personal life is of utmost priority, successful managers apply effective time management. They know that having a balance allows them to be more successful and happier.

Effective managers put these secrets into action. They get their priorities about work, people and home right. They improve their time management skills to apply them to all aspects of their life.