Understand these 7Cs of Communication

It can’t be denied that communication is important for human beings. The better they communicate, the more credibility they’ll have with their clients, their boss, their colleagues and the people around them.


7Cs to improve your communication:

  1. Clear. When speaking or writing to somebody, make sure to be clear with your message or goal. Know your purpose why you are communicating with that person because if you’re not certain then listeners will not be sure too.
  2. Concise. If you are concise you have to stick to your point but keep it brief. When writing, your audience or readers won’t want to read ten sentences when you can communicate your ideas in five.
  3. Concrete. If your message is concrete, your listeners or readers will have a clear idea of what you’re talking about. Your message is solid. There are details yet not to many – just present vivid facts and have laser-like focus.
  4. Correct. When communicating, make sure it is correct so it will fit your audience. Bear in mind that correct communication is error-free communication.
  5. Coherent. If your message is coherent then it is logical. All your points are relevant and connected to the main theme. Also, the flow of the text and the tone is consistent.office-625892_1920
  6. Complete. The audience or reader has everything they need if your message is complete. They will have the message they must be informed about and would take action if applicable.
  7. Courteous. Being courteous in communication is honest, open and friendly. There should be no passive-aggressive tones or hidden insults. You need to be empathetic to their needs and keep their viewpoint in mind.

Communication plays a very vital role in everyday life. You constantly communicate with the people around you and these 7Cs can help you respond to their inquiries and instructions promptly.