Challenges Faced By the Recruitment Industry

Recruitment issuesThe recruitment industry is facing many challenges in their day to day operations. Providing the best skills and talents in the business has become more challenging than ever. There are many factors that contribute to these challenges. The top contributor to this issue is skill shortage.

Skill and talent shortage is perhaps one of the biggest issues that many recruiters are facing. While many students are graduating each year, not every one meets the demands of a specific business. For instance, the IT industry has a great demand in computer programmers and web developers; however there are a few talents who could really meet the demands of the position regardless of the number of graduates each year.

And even if you have found the right talent for the business, there is the factor of retention. There are many companies growing these days that needs more talents in their roster of talents. New companies plot great benefits and rewards that challenge another company’s retention strategies.

Companies should start asking the basic question: Why are employees leaving their companies. For one reason, employees desire for growth not only in terms of money but also in terms of personal and career growth.

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Companies will have to understand that great candidates with great skills demand better and bigger benefits. Not being able to meet these demands will mean 90% chance of losing them to the other company. With this said, business owners, employers and recruiters will have to come up with compelling offers to attract and retain great talents.

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