Military Job Seekers

Veteran jobs – serving you after you served us.


Our goal is to help launch rewarding civilian careers for ALL Veterans.

Now it’s time to transition from military service to a civilian career. TopLine can help make the transition home easier. Across a wide variety of industries, our expertise helps military job seekers launch outstanding careers in key corporate functionalities – including recruiting, account management, operations, software and sales.

Our military recruiters are not only accomplished in the industry but many are veterans and reservists themselves. This deep knowledge and personal experience with the military enables us to thoroughly understand our military job seekers and to evaluate your skills, opportunities, and career ambitions.

Our experience recruiting veterans can help you find a rewarding civilian career. Our Account General Managers and Recruiters understand the highly-skilled and educated talent pool of the U.S. Military. TopLine is the preferred military transition recruitment firm for small to medium-sized businesses.

A common question asked by many gentlemen who were once fairly active, former military – “How do I get back into working out again without killing myself after a five year hiatus?”

At TopLine, we can help you get back in shape even if you have been out of shape for decades. We can help you get back in circulation without risking your lives! Allow us to be of assistance to you. Contact us now!