Aftermarket Sales Manager


Must be able to handle Budgets, P&L’s, Margins, etc and have a strong business acumen.
Must have a customer focused background (inside or outside sales)
Technical Background is needed.

Basic Function

Responsible for developing and implementing sales strategies to maintain and increase aftermarket sales volume. These responsibilities are carried out by coordinating efforts, providing training to, and support of the Company’s Representative network, who have responsibility for direct customer sales. Responsible for maintaining relationship with the Representatives as it applies to Aftermarket Parts. Will drive Aftermarket sales by focusing on detailed monthly and annual targets broken down by the Company Representatives.

Essential Duties

  • Must possess and apply intellect, judgment, and management skills to achieve required results
  • Must possess creativity/adaptability to successfully manage export aftermarket sales; responsibility to effectively address changing business conditions and to achieve objectives
  • Must possess thorough and relevant product knowledge
  • Position requires the constant and consistent exercise of intellect, judgment, and ability commensurate with sales management positions in similar industries or situations
  • Position requires frequent exercise of decision making and problem solving skills
  • Handles responsibilities with effective interpersonal skills and has the ability to effectively interface with others inside and outside the Company is required
  • Supports and promotes export aftermarket sales activities through the company’s representative network
  • Identifies and evaluates new or expanded potential aftermarket sales opportunities
  • Formulates and recommends policies governing direct and indirect sales and service, including pricing, promotion and advertising, packaging, transportation, and credit
  • Assists in developing advertising programs for use in export markets
  • Assists in the development of new aftermarket products/services, and improvements of existing products
  • Develops, coordinates, and may conduct sales education of distributors’ or representatives’ personnel
  • Assists in development of special unit packaging required for specific markets
  • Prepares estimates of sales, along with the appropriate budget for operating expenses
  • Recommends improvement in existing products or product mix to meet competitive product.
  • Must have the ability to travel greater than 75%- generally by air and utilization of a rental car – extensively, in conducting position responsibilities. Includes ability to handle luggage, etc.

Education Required:
Bachelor’s Degree

Experience Required:
5 years minimum

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