“How Google Works” by Eric Schmidt says Hiring is the Most Important Thing You Do

An employee is seen in the new headquarters of Google France before its official inauguration in Paris
image from qz.com

Hiring is the Most Important Thing You Do

Former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt and former Google product head and advisor, Jonathan Rosenberg produced a book, “How Google Works” with the help of other Googlers. The book has pointed out the importance of Hiring – Getting the right Talent to do the job.

Ask any manager or coach – What is the single most important thing that they do? They will probably answer you the same. People are the most important asset as Google has always pointed out.

41x1pBmfv0L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_“How Google Works” has great insights and suggestions on how to distinguish and hire the right people. An excerpt from the book reads:

“‘You’re brilliant, we’re hiring,’ the phrase adorning Google’s early ads recruiting new employees,91 was a clever Marxist trick.”

“Passionate people don’t wear their passion on their sleeves; they have it in their hearts. They live it. Passion is more than résumé-deep, because its hallmarks—persistence, grit, seriousness, all-encompassing absorption—cannot be gauged from a checklist. Nor is it always synonymous with success. If someone is truly passionate about something, they’ll do it for a long time even if they aren’t at first successful. Failure is often part of the deal. “

Google has always been among the best employers there is and the reason they are where they are, it’s because they know how to choose the right people who share the same sentiments and goals they have.

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